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QUESTION: I would like to know about what should happen to excess lube.  It seems like I can't ever put on the right amount.  There is always too little, which makes me put more on, or there is too much, which means everything gets goopy and it's distracting.  What should I do about this excess lube?

ANSWER: You're new to using lube and you can't quite figure out the amount.  That sounds very typical for whatever new product you started using.  If you started using a new dish soap tomorrow, I suspect you would put the wrong amount in and your sink would either be too sudsy or not sudsy enough.  That is expected.  It is what we call the learning curve.  I think within a few weeks of using lube to masturbate, you will have the amount just right.  Until then, if it gets too goopy, just keep an old shirt on hand for wiping your hands with.  Then you will be less distracted and able to focus on enjoying yourself.

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QUESTION: I am OK about masturbating and everything, but I would be very embarrassed if someone found an old shirt covered with lube by my bed or computer.  Do you have any other suggestions that wouldn't mortify me if someone found out?

ANSWER: Then whatever you use to clean up with after masturbating.  A towel, fine.  Tissues, fine.  But this raises the question, if you're not embarrassed with someone finding dozens of used tissues next to your bed or computer, then why is the shirt a problem?  No one is really going to inspect a shirt on the floor next to your bed.  I think you'll figure out a solution soon.

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QUESTION: But the tissues get flushed down the toilet or thrown in the wastebasket where no one will look, but a shirt has to be there in the open.  I really think if it's there then someone will eventually find it.

So then don't use an old shirt, if it's really going to worry you.  I said to use whatever you use for cleaning up now.  If you're OK with tissues, then tissues are a good solution.  Your question was what to do with excess lube.  One is as good as the other for quick cleanup.

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