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Hi Angie

I have several questions that i hope you can help with.

Blue balls
!)Can you get blue balls not form acutally masturbating but from stroking the penis and then leaving it alone with out getting to far, Im talking 2-4 strokes nothing more

2) Is blue balls bad for your furture sexual health

prone masturbation
3) I have a question, i imagine myself have sex while lying in bed and sometimes i would be face down and roll my hips as if im having sex (with my boxers on) but i never eject this way nor do i ever feel the need to. Would this be prone masturbation and should i stop this  

4) I'm not the healthiest guy but plan to start excerising regular, how often should i masturbate would 3 times a week be too much.

5) As i'm going through a change and believe that i may be addicated to porn, i'm stopping it and masturbating as at the moment i have difficults with erections. I have no girlfriend at present (it scares me and i'm 26)


PS I hope this makes sense

My name is not Angie but I will answer anyway.

1)  I find it extremely unlikely that 2-4 strokes would produce blue balls.  Blue balls happens when you're aroused for a long time and don't have an orgasm.

2)  Blue balls is not a problem for your long-term sexual health.  It is a short-term pain that can go away simply by masturbating to orgasm.

3)  Masturbating in the prone position is a cause of sexual dysfunctions and I advise against it strongly, even for a few motions.  You can learn more at

4)  Masturbating doesn't have anything to do with exercising.  It is good to start exercising regularly, but your masturbation frequency has nothing to do with it.  Most younger males masturbate about once a day.

5)  Whether you use porn or not is up to you, but it is a waste of time to try to stop masturbating.  The only way to stop masturbating is to replace it with a sexual relationship.

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