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QUESTION: I also have another question about lube.  Is there a big difference between what the different kinds cost?  Which are more expensive and which are cheaper?

ANSWER: The oil-based lubes are not only cheapest, the youngish males who use them get them free, because they are just using household items like baby oil or petroleum jelly.  Water-based lubes are more expensive than household products and cheaper than silicon-based lubes, which are the most expensive.  (Some water-based brands carry a premium price too.)  I'm not entirely sure what the oil-based ones made especially for masturbating cost because there are so few of them and they're not widely available in regular stores.

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QUESTION: So when guys talk about oil-based lube, they mean like petroleum jelly and not something they buy just for sex?  Are there ones made just for sex or are guys talking about baby oil when they say they use lube?

ANSWER: You would have to ask them if you want to know what they're talking about.  Many males start by using household products like petroleum jelly, baby oil, lotion, and hair conditioner.  Many move on from those to widely-available water-based lubes like K-Y Liquid or Astroglide.  There are some commercially available oil-based lubes like Boy Butter but they are not widely available like the water-based and silicon-based ones.

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QUESTION: Thanks for the info.  Since we've started this discussion, I've gotten to like one of the water-based lubes a lot and am not now thinking of switching to an oil-based one.  Do you think that water based lubes are better and that is why the others are not as widely available?

I agree that water based lubes are more versatile.  They can be used by both males and females, and they are the easiest to clean up.  

I think there is also an anti-male bias in what is available.  Most of the sexual products that are widely available are primarily those that benefit females.  In part this reflects that females are bigger shoppers in the health and beauty departments of large retailers (e.g., Target, Walmart, CVS) but I also think that those retailers are more comfortable putting a product on their shelves that has a variety of uses (e.g., K-Y Jelly) rather than something that is explicitly made for masturbating (e.g., System JO, Boy Butter).

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