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QUESTION: And for my last question, I want to know if it will cause any damage if I leave lube on my body afterward or should I be washing it off immediately after I'm finished.  Thank you so much for all your advice.

ANSWER: No, lube will not hurt you if you don't wash it off right away.  Lube is designed to be used on the human body and is specially formulated for the sensitive skin of the genitals.  This is true of name-brand lubes, at least.  Some lubes are designed to be eaten and contain sweeteners.  So there is nothing damaging that will happen if you use lube at bedtime and then don't wash it off until morning (or even later).

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QUESTION: Sweeteners?  Really?  Would that be listed on the ingredients?  What should I look for?  So some lubes are OK to eat?!

ANSWER: Yes, indeed.  The ingredients you'd find most often on lubes for sweetening are sorbitol and aspartame.  Both of those are well known as sweeteners in sugar-free products.  I don't think there are too many lubes that would be dangerous to eat.  Check the label to be sure.

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QUESTION: But I'm not interested in eating them. Does that mean that some lubes that are OK to eat are lacking some ingredient that would make them better to use as lubes?

I don't know about that.  The most popular brands are also edible, so I suppose we'd be talking about a difference in some minor brands that not as many people use.  I think the fact that the leading brands don't have this problem show it's possible to make an edible lube that doesn't lose any of its function.  The only way you could really know is to try them, but even then, I don't know you could be sure why you like one better than another.

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