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QUESTION: I am male 17 i saw porn movies and i ejaculate it has one fear sperm will mature to take 3 months and has my penis is bending i masturbate feel good my salaiva is used as lubricant how is premature ejaculation cause?

ANSWER: Your body produces sperm constantly to replace ones that are ejaculated.  You needn't worry about running out of them. You also shouldn't worry that you're developing premature ejaculation.  All males your age masturbate and many of them have the same other habits you mention.  You don't have any reason to worry about premature ejaculation until you're actually sexually active and then only if you're reaching orgasm immediately upon penetration.

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QUESTION: My penis is curved or bending i need to increase ejaculate time how to increase and my first ejaculation semen is thick and if sperm is thin i am best fan of porn movies and i see it can masturbate it ejaculates at a time one onky after 5 minutes it can pain of penis

ANSWER: Keep in mind that what happens in porn isn't real.  It's a movie.  It's a made up story of people pretending to have sex.  They use special effects.  I think it's better if you work at making yourself happy with your sexuality instead of comparing yourself to porn movie actors.  You're better off than they are.

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QUESTION: Sir i masturbate after 5 minutes pain in my penis and has semen level to ejaculate is low how to increase and has to sexual talt with girls how to attract the girl for dating my penis is bending how to deal with doctor i am only 17 years

There should not be pain in your penis from masturbating.  You might be using too much force.  Try to use less force.  Don't worry about your semen level.  I'm sure it's normal.  17 is pretty young to be having sex.  The average male isn't having sex until 18 or 19.  You are probably doing fine for your age.  Your probably don't need a doctor.

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