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Well, I decided to give up looking for someone with a similar question, and now I'm afraid I may be a unique case. For as long as I can remember, I only feel pleasure (excluding the head) on around 90 degrees of my penis. Since this is an awkward question, I've never asked anyone in person before. So, starting from the left side going to the front-left portion of my penis, I feel pleasure. any other 270 degrees I feel no pleasure at this normal?
Sorry if this is a really stupid question, I've just never seen anyone post about it anywhere.

That is not normal.  Most males feel 360 degrees of pleasure even if they usually only masturbate by touching the same spots.  I question whether you're really not feeling pleasure in the rest of your penis and think that maybe you're just very accustomed to touching that one quadrant.  I would suggest taking 6-7 days off from masturbating and see if using your other hand to touch the opposite side of your penis feels better.  If not, then you probably need to see a urologist.

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