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QUESTION: I'm 14 and recently I quit prone masturbation as I found out how bad it was. After about a week of stopping, I tried masturbating normally. However, instead of moving my hand up and down I put my hand in the normal position in a loop round the shaft and move my body up and down - is this okay?

ANSWER: Congratulations on giving up prone masturbation!  Prone masturbation is an atypical method of masturbating that leads to sexual dysfunctions like delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction in most males who practice it.  However, what you're doing now is another atypical method that is not the way most males masturbate.

After a week of not masturbating, you should have been able to masturbate just by moving your hand up and down the shaft.  I would recommend stopping for a shorter period of time, perhaps 3-4 days, and trying again.  You can do it!  As you get more experienced at conventional masturbation, you will be able to do it in more places and with less force.

To learn more about prone masturbation and the problems it can cause, see

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QUESTION: But is the technique I use now actually damaging? Bear in mind that it is pretty much the same as normal masturbation except instead of moving my hand up and down the shaft I move my body up and down whilst lying on my back, so that it has the same effect of the hand moving up and down the shaft.

It is using more force than is needed.  So I argue that it is in some sense damaging.  If you're going to change, you might as well change to the conventional method.  Doing what you're doing will not let you masturbate at the computer, or in the shower, or any of the other places where males routinely masturbate.

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