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I am a 31 year old male and since puberty i have engaged in what is referred to as traumatic masturbation syndrome' I only became aware of this condition very recently when I found that I struggled to orgasm during sex with my partner. I am a late comer to relationships. I never realized that the way i was masturbating was detrimental to my sex life. I've now stopped doing prone masturbation completely and I"m masturbating in the conventional way by most males. I'm worried about whether i'm too old to reprogram or rensensitize myself sexually. Is age a factor in cvercoming TMC?

ANSWER: Good job at giving up prone masturbation.  Masturbating in the prone position frequently causes sexual dysfunctions in men, like delayed ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.  It has been called Traumatic Masturbatory Syndrome (TMS).  The way to overcome prone masturbation is to give it up and learn to masturbate conventionally, the way nearly all males do.  Since you've done that, you ought to notice a difference in your erections within a few months.  Many males overcame prone masturbation at your age and older.  You are definitely not too old.

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I recently asked a question regarding the effects of traumatic masturbation syndrome. I've discovered that when I have sex with my partner I simply do not feel any sexual sensation in certain positions. There are one or to that I do but I can't orgasm yet during sex. How can I remedy this? In relation to this can over masturbation be a factor, how often should I masturbate and what is the correct technique? I usually just make a ring with my index finger and thumb rather than the traditional tight fist and rub up and down on my penis. I can eventually climax like this no problem but during sex it is difficult to orgasm for me. What is the best way to restore sensitivity to my penis to enjoy sex?

I recommend taking a month off from intercourse while you adjust to conventional masturbation.  If you're past the month, then I recommend not masturbating for 5-7 days before having intercourse.  You will probably enjoy it more if you're not masturbating as often.  Even males who are fully cured of prone masturbation don't masturbate for two days before having sex, usually.

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