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QUESTION: I did send this in on another category but they didn't answer, so it though I'd ask you as you have a gd website that answers stuff to do with puberty too.

Im 19 and I still dont have chest hair. I have pubic hair, armpit, leg hair and a beard etc but no chest hair yet. My brother who is 16 has chest hair and i was in the gym with my mates who are also 19 and when we were getting changed i could see that they had hairy chests. I know this sounds odd but i really want a hairy chest. will the hair grow soon and is there anything i can do to  get my chest hair to grow?

ANSWER: If you're 19 and don't have chest hair, you probably won't get it.  Or it might come in later, but that is a less likely possibility.  If you get chest hair, it will probably be very sparse.

I don't know of any way of getting chest hair if you don't have it naturally.  You might ask a dermatologist.  

Keep in mind that a lot of guys who have chest hair don't like it and spend a lot of money on depilatories, electrolysis, etc., and a lot of time shaving.

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QUESTION: Also, I wanted to ask:

I have started to work out a lot more and since Ive started doing more exercise, I feel really horny all the time and whenever i finish in the gym, i have a real urge to masturbate. same when i do a workout at home, i really feel te need to watch porn and masturbate. is it cos exercise releasses more testosterone?

Masturbating and bodybuilding are both good for your body and make your body feel good.  I doubt that releasing testosterone leads you to masturbate.  Most likely it's because you're thinking a lot about your body and feeling good about it during and after your workout.  You might also be enjoying the view of others working out in the gym.  Especially if you have a view of the aerobics classroom.

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