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QUESTION: 1. I'm a 15 year old boy, and how much masturbation is too much in a day?
2. I'm undergoing puberty, but still the length of my penis has not grown longer. It's short when not erect but it gets long (about more than 3 inches) when hard. why?
3. My circumcision type is a dorsal slit. Why did my doctor/surgeon give me this kind, when its not common to others? how will it be advantageous to me?
4. I always want to continue masturbating after ejaculating, using my semen as my lube, but i always stop because of this "guilt", how will I prevent this from happening? Any tips to keep me going?
5. Why am I attracted to watching gay porn, even though I'm sure straight?

ANSWER: 1)  Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  It is only too much when it is causing you pain or causing you to miss appointments or be late.  No one thinks that once a day is too much.  Some males masturbate a second or third time occasionally, and some males your age masturbate twice a day regularly.

2)  Penises get longer when they erect.

3)  I don't know anything about different types of circumcision.  Your doctor must have thought that was what your foreskin needed at that moment.

4)  You don't stop because of guilt, you stop because your penis is too sensitive to touch after an ejaculation. Semen would make bad lubricant.  It's better if you don't.  Take a break and you will be able to masturbate again perhaps in 30 minutes.

5)  Some guys just like to look at the action and huge penises in gay porn.  I think it would be better if you didn't use ANY porn at your age and instead worked on building your imagination.

Feel free to ask more questions.  I prefer each question to be in a separate message.

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QUESTION: why is semen not a good lubricant? many porn stars use them right after ejaculating, plus it seems to feel more sexy! also, how will i be able to get used to the sensitive feeling on my glans?

ANSWER: Porn is not real.  It is make believe.  It contains special effects.  One of those special effects is ejaculate.  The ejaculate in porn is often liquid soap.  Or maybe in the ones you've seen it's some kind of lubricant.  

In any case, semen is very sticky and makes a lousy lubricant.  You want something that is smooth and not sticky.  I would suggest trying a brand made especially for sex or masturbation from a store.  Astroglide and K-Y Liquid are available at CVS, Target, and similar stores, next to condoms.

You will never get used to the sensitive feeling on your glans.  You're supposed to be satisfied after having an orgasm and not want another one for a while.

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QUESTION: um, concerning about my penis, it seems to erect slanting to the right.
could this be because of masturbation? (i use my right hand while jerking off) because before (when not yet have started masturbating), i never noticed this ,so suppose i thought this is because of excessive masturbation strength - pulling and stroking. is it possible?

Few penises are perfectly straight.  Most right-handed males masturbate with their right hands.  It would not necessarily appear any different if you started alternating between hands.  I suspect the reason you didn't notice any curve in your penis before you started masturbating is because 1) you didn't have the same intensity of erections back then; and 2) you tend to look at your penis a lot more now that you're masturbating.

If it really bothers you, you could try masturbating with your left hand for a while and see if it's any different.  Although I don't think it will matter, I think you might enjoy learning to masturbate with your left hand.

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