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Male Masturbation/problem of urine and sperm


    I am having problem of urine gets dripping after urination(after mid-stream). Some weeks ago I witnessed liquid sperms or low quality sperms being ejaculated if I imagine a sex emotionally. I also had semen in urine once due to weird masturbation. Actually case is; although I am a male, I imagined myself as female and someone enjoying me.As a result semen ejected easily and the pore of penis(urination pore)got a little  widen or broad.
Now I am taking rest and have not witnessed any sperm problem but urine gets dripping. Is there need any treatment?


ANSWER: I would suggest doing Kegel exercises to strengthen your urinary and ejaculatory control.  It is normal for there to be some urinary dripping.  If you can avoid the weird masturbation (blocking the flow of semen as you ejaculate), you will not have to worry about getting semen in your urine.

I don't know anything about the gender issues you mention, so you might seek professional help for that.  

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QUESTION: while doing kegel exercise, which part of penis to be pressurized? middle or top portion or end one?

ANSWER: Kegel exercises do not work the penis; they work the PC muscle.

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QUESTION: Sir I don't understand what PC muscle is? Please describe in simple language the process of exercise without biological terms. I will remain grateful to you.

The pubococcygeal muscle (PC) is the muscle used to start and stop the flow of urine.  By doing Kegel exercises to strengthen it, you gain greater control of your ejaculation and the flow of your urine.  Please do a web search on Kegel exercises to find instructions for how to do them.

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