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QUESTION: Would there be any way to know that some other guy was able to hear me masturbating in the cabin without actually doing it?  Like something that would be a test of the privacy we have at night?

ANSWER: Hmmm... Once I was at camp, and I was in or on top of my sleeping bag with a nylon shell, and I was somehow rubbing the bag against the mattress, which was some kind of textured vinyl.  I was not masturbating; in fact, it was broad daylight and everyone in the bunk room was awake.  But the fellow below me was bothered by the sound.  It signaled to me that if I made any noise while I was asleep, the bag against bed would make a sound that others could be aware of.

However, even if someone hears you masturbating, there's only about a 50 percent chance they're going to say anything to you.  In fact, unless you're in a bunk bed, whoever hears it might not be able to pinpoint where the sound is coming from.  I think you're going to have to do what you want and not worry about what others are going to say.

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QUESTION: Why do you think there's only a 50 % chance someone will say something to me if they hear me?

I have surveyed on this question.  76 percent of males have masturbated surreptitiously with others in the room.  Of the ones who have, 25 percent had someone tell them they were aware of it.  45 percent of males detected someone else masturbating in the room with them, when the other one thought they were doing it secretly.  So you have a 45 percent chance of being detected but only a 25 percent chance of being told.  25 percent is about 50 percent of 45 (actually 55.55%).  So there's only a 50 percent chance someone who discovers you will say something.    There were 6959 males in this survey.

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