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It seems to me there must be a lot of guys who go to camp every year, and they must all need to masturbate, but at camp there is never any talk about masturbating or people doing it, so how do they all make it through the week or longer?  I know some guys who have gone to camp for 3 weeks or a month but I have only ever gone as long as a week myself.

The way to get people talking about something is to start a conversation.  Maybe bring it up in your bunkroom when you are getting to know each other or if someone asks if there are any issues people have, etc.  There are at least a couple of stories here about masturbating at camp although most of the page is about college dorms:

I think you are wrong that no one is doing it.  I think that in just about every camp bunkhouse, every day, at least one person, probably more, is masturbating.  If you want to know more, I think you'll have to ask people.

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