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Hi Angie! I 'm a 53 yo man married. Me and my wife we are really passionate with masturbation. We love it and we enjoy it very much. Recently I'm intrigued by the idea to have a female masturbation coach.  From the info I got from cyberspace I've seen there are many but they charge a lot for their services. How we can find persons in public communities the are more friendly and not professional and they share the same passion with us ?

Thanks for your time, Fotis.

I'm not Angie, and I'm not female, but I'll answer anyway.  You can ask me questions here on AllExperts.  I have coached many, both male and female.  Some of the other experts might also help you out.  I answer most questions asked of me within 30 minutes.  I am more about education and not much about kink, but it won't hurt you or cost anything to ask me.  

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