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QUESTION: Okay so i love masturbation, that's the first thing i want to say but lately it's not feeling the same I've tried differnt postions of my legs and lubes and even porn but nothing gives me that blown away feeling do you know anyway to intenseify these orgasms?

ANSWER: What you look at or think about while masturbating can also intensify the feelings.  Most males prefer to look at exciting pictures while enjoying masturbation.  That can make the biggest difference.  I generally discourage young males from using visual aids every time.  As you get older, it becomes more necessary to use them.

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QUESTION: I've tried alot of porn and even my favorites arn't working the same (lesbians and masturbation)I've even tried more "gay" films but I don't like those a bit (I'm not gay) do you have and techniques to make it better at all? I've even been tempted to try some anal play but not sure how

ANSWER: I would suggest trying different kinds of lube and seeing what you like.  There are water-based lubes (widely available at drug and discount stores) and they all feel a little different.  There are also silicon-based lubes that are harder to find, but I've seen them in regular stores like Target.

You might try masturbating in a kneeling position sometime.  Most males say it makes the orgasm very intense.

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QUESTION: Sorry to keep bothering you but I tried the kneeling and the differnt lubes... I can't get pleasure from it it just feels like a chore to me

You couldn't possibly have tried different lubes since my last message to you.  Do you mean you've tried different lubes at different times in the past?  Keep working on it.  Everything feels different as you get older.  A feeling you didn't like at 13 you might like at 25.  

Masturbating is really not that different from eating.  There are foods that come and go in importance in your life, but you will eat every day nevertheless.  There might be some foods you like as well now as when you were a kid.  Just find new sensations that make it different and exciting.  Some get those through lube, some through visual aids, some just by varying time of day or lighting conditions.

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