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QUESTION: Hi, I live in an apartment with my mom dad and brother, it's a two bedroom apartment an my brother is only home some days how ever I accidently broke the lock on my door which i ussuly used when I masturbate, and I always feel like someone is going to barge in while I'm in  the middle of a good session I'm some what noisy and I like to look at porn on my phone while i do so my parents do not knock before comming into my room (one time my dad almost caught me I pulled the sheets over my penis just in time and i accidently cummed)I put on the radio and a fan to draw out some of the noise but do you know of a way to keep things more private while i do it (maybe with my pants on or something? Or give me more ideas for a privater space?) P.S I tried to ask my parents to knock because I want some privacy sometimes but they said no to it.

ANSWER: Putting the radio and fan on next to you will give you less privacy, not more.  You want to be able to hear if someone is coming.  The best strategy, of course, would be to fix the lock.  Another good strategy would be to place something heavy inside the door so that when someone opened it they would hear BONK! and probably look down to see what they hit.  It would give you an extra couple of seconds to fix up.

You don't say your age or if your brother is older or younger, but I'm guessing you're of an age (15+) where your parents already assume or know that you masturbate.  If you could discuss it with your brother, you might find that he has advice too.  He's probably in the same boat you are.

An excellent resource for you would be, which has hundreds of examples from actual males and females sharing their experiences of being caught or maintaining privacy.

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QUESTION: I'm 17 and he's 19, we arn't close at all and also another question I have about masturbation is where should I put my ejaculate? I don't keep a waste bin in my room as my cat gets into much trouble with them, can I just leave it on my chest or hand? does it have a strong scent? will it wash away when I wash my hands?

At your age, your parents absolutely know that you masturbate.  Understandably, you don't want anyone to see you doing it, but there is know question that they know.  

About half of males clean up their ejaculate with a tissue, and about 20 percent use a piece of clothing like a sock or old shirt.  10% let their underwear absorb it and 3% rub it into their skin.  11% eat it.

Yes, people can smell it if you leave it on your body.  Washing hands would get rid of it.  I think the best solution for you would be to mop up with tissue and then dispose of the tissue in the toilet soon afterward.  Sharing a room with your brother, using a piece of cloth would not be a good solution.

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