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I've been masturbating since I was 7. Through self experimentation. However, I was doing it prone. Of course I didn't know the dangers at the time. I'm 13 now and I recently realized that what I was doing was harmful to my penis. I'm starting my week of not masturbating and I want to see how it goes. I manage to get hard erections when I fantasize.  I'm only 13 and the thought of having ED at only 13 is very scary to me. I'm wondering if I have done any permanent damage to my penis. I do it about once or twice a day very rarely 3 times. I'm excited to learn to masturbate the conventional way and I hope to be able to enjoy sex when I get older. But my actually question is if I have any permanent damage to my penis. Thanks for your time.

Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health, and I hope you do it daily after you switch.  Masturbating in the prone position is a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males.  The earlier you switch to masturbating by hand, the better off you are.  I don't think you will have any consequences of masturbating prone when you did.  Many males haven't even started masturbating yet by your age.  

I've never known anyone who got permanent damage from masturbating prone.  You shouldn't believe you will either.  You will find conventional masturbation to be more fun and exciting than prone.  And after a few weeks, you will be able to do it anywhere you want.

You can learn more about the problems caused by prone masturbation at

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