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Male Masturbation/usual/normal erection after urination


QUESTION: Hello sir,
         After JUST urination, I am finding that I am unable to erect my penis(usual or normal erection as per my wish).What is the cause?Also I feel weakness of my penis. It is happening after a weird ejaculation. Please Help....

ANSWER: That is unusual.  Usually a male can urinate and then get an erection fairly quickly.  Certainly you should be able to within about 10 minutes.  If you have a weird ejaculation, or any kind of ejaculation, it will probably take at least an hour before you can ejaculate again.  It is a good idea to urinate before and after ejaculating.  Before to keep you from feeling the urge to urinate during your sex or masturbation, and afterward to flush out any unejaculated semen.

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QUESTION: Is it possible that this problem can be cured later without any treatment?
I am anxious about this problem. I think if I take rest for few weeks then it would be cured automatically. Please suggest.

I'm not sure you have a problem.  Don't worry about it and work on getting an erection when you want one.  Many males urinate right before masturbating and have no trouble getting an erection.  There is no need to rest.  Frequent masturbation is good for your sexual health.

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