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over the last 4 years I have been masturbating almost everyday, for hours, maybe 2 to 4, and even have multiple orgasms or ejaculations during that period of time a day,  now as time passed by, is no the same as it used to be, I no longer can reach orgasm unconsciously by just thrusting my penis, I need to tense up my pelvic area in order to ejaculate and sometimes I will have ejaculations without orgasm, I rested probably a week and recovered my ejaculation distance(about 4-5 feet), but had no orgasm, does resting a longer period will fix anything in my body to recover?

if any way to restore everything back to normal? I used to to reach an orgasm in about minutes and ejaculate too much, but now I do not

I read about dopamine receptors and all that, is it possible that over masturbating has the same effects in the brain as using cocaine(I dont use any drugs)?

I just want to get back to normal, and not to masturbate anymore but have a sexual life with a girl,

first ,, resting a longer period will fix manything in your body to recover,
if you stop each and every sexual activities for at least 2 months while increasing sea foods in your daily meals specially oyster full of zinc,, everything should get back to normal,coz actually all your problems happened because over masturbation ;
about not masturbating ,it is hard to be done because it is an addiction but u can decrease your frequency by practising several useful activities such as ;reading,watching movies ,sport but most of all;u have to avoid totally visiting porn or sexual sites ,good luck

Male Masturbation

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