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QUESTION: I have just started to shave and whenever I shave I always get an erection. After shaving I always want to masturbate and I don't know why. Shaving really turns me on and whenever people talk about shaving I always get embarassed. Is this normal?

ANSWER: Since you're getting embarrassed just to hear people talk about shaving, maybe you shouldn't be shaving.  There is nothing wrong with getting an erection and then an urge to masturbate.  But is that why you're shaving?  I would say to do it only if you want to.

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QUESTION: I'm shaving because I have facial hair that I need to remove, not because it turns me on. It just so happens that when I shave, i get turned on. I know that it's normal to get an erection randomly, but is it normal to get an erection when shaving?

Thanks for clarifying.  I thought you were talking about shaving pubic hair.  I have never heard of anyone getting aroused by shaving facial hair, but that doesn't mean anything's wrong with it.  Are you shaving naked?  It's easier to get aroused by doing anything naked than by doing it fully clothed.  You might try putting on more clothes when you shave and see if it makes a difference.

Even so, there's nothing wrong with masturbating after shaving.  The only think I'm concerned about is that you get embarrassed when other people talk about shaving.  All males past puberty shave daily and most women past puberty frequently shave their legs.  Most males shave occasionally in public (rest rooms, locker rooms, etc.) and are not embarrassed about it at all.  I would say to work on not being embarrassed by it.

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