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helloo Dr.  i m nadim i m 30 years old,i do job.and i m single in my life unmarried..i hv been Prone masturbating since i was 18 years. i never do masturabation thro hand.i do rub my penice silk cloth or bed mattres in prone position,,in begining in prone masturbation my penice eract was full hard and strong..but during past time i lost my my penice is not eract fully hard .as it was eract before,,i wana ask that .is that possible bcoz of prone masturbation for long time? ,,,and plzz tell me the treatment of thise,,,

Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, but masturbating in the prone position (lying face down and thrusting the penis into or against something, like a bed) is a cause of sexual dysfunctions in males.  Please give up prone masturbation forever.  If you give up masturbation and any other sexual stimulation for a week, you ought to be able to masturbate to orgasm by hand.  After a few months of masturbating by hand, your erections will be better.

You can learn more about prone masturbation and how to give it up at

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