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QUESTION: hi, I'm 18. I think about girls a lot, I want sex with them. I get erections ALL the time, but I can't seem to masturbate? Why come I can't? I've never masturbated EVER? Why come I can't?

ANSWER: hey ,,take it easy mike ,,nothing to worry about ,,as long as u think about girls a lot,so this is a good sign that u r straight ,,then u can masturbate normally,,but for your reference ,,it is never how to do it or learn different ways to do it coz it is a something built in u ,,and all u have to do ,,just relax ,,free yr mind and follow your desire when u get to b turned on upon watching a porn movie/naked pics  then feel that u need to manipulate your organ ,,so while watching this movie/naked pics ,,after a moment u should get an ejaculation then b satisfied ,,good luck .

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QUESTION: Hey it's Mike again, I've finally masturbated earlier on this evening. I have a weird fettish where I like girls getting tickled and hen they get pissed off. idfk it just turns me on. but anyways I ejaculated. But right the second afterwards my testicles felt like they got destroyed. The pain lasted about 10 minutes, But it was bearable. But it felt good and bad at the same time. Overall GOOD!!! Anyways is that normal where my balls hurt afterwards?

ANSWER: yeah ,,it is quite normal to  face a temporary pain which should vanish after days ,,but if u feel it a permanent pain ,,then u should contact a specialised physician to do some analisation and take the right cure to your case my dear,,good luck,

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QUESTION: hello again Mr.Amir! idk what it is but when I ejaculate while masturbating, It doesn't fully satisfy me. I mean I feel it coming and it feels great but it doesn't last long. like 3 maybe 4 shots of cum the. it's done. Is it premature ejactulation? If so what can I do to stop it or prevent it in the future?

Also I hear if you masturbate everyday (I've ejaculated 3 times a day for the past week), I heard you would go bald? Is it true?

listen dear ,,1str of all,,chinese medicine claims that men who ejaculate once or more on a daily basis may eventually 'lose their minds'2nd ,masturbation may never be the final target ,,but it may b done on a temporary basis till u could have a partner to share withhimn all your erotic fantasies ,,so ,,if u feel not satisfied outa masturbation ,,this should mean that it is time to have a female partner to have real sex to feel complete satisfaction,,good luck ,,

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