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Recently I have been thinking and fear that I'm addicted to Internet porn, I want to resolve this but fear too little too late, while it doesn't dominate my life I watch a quite a bit, since I have AS I don't have that much of a social life. I have a few questions too help me decide the next steps.

1) is it bad to masturbate without lubricant as I do so up to three times a week no more as I'm worried about nerve damage through my masturbation habits
2) I'm not as healthy as I should be and I'm planning on exercising more and get back into shape it think it would be a good idea to forgo my masturbation sessions until I'm healthy I'm wonder about any side effects
3)I have a hard time obtaining a erection this might not be a issue as the material is the same as previous discussed and I worry/stress about things easily  so that could be the problem but is it possible to masturbate so much that it's the only way you obtain a erection
4) I don't masturbate through any methods other than my hand but I do rotate my hips while acting like I'm having sex but I don't rotate my hips while face down is this advisable or should I stop
5) I have noticed that recently while masturbating I eject semen that is green/yellow in colour
Is this safe to leave or should I get this seen to I asked my doctor who thinks its fine something about length of sessions or length between sessions  

The reason I ask is that my mission is to have the whole deal white picket fence lovely wife and 2.4 children
I know I need to get myself sorted but I also need to put my mind at ease I'm going to change my diet and everything else  get to the place where I'm happy


ANSWER: 1) It is better if you use lube but no harm will come if you don't.  Please read for a guide to types of lube.

2) Masturbation is good exercise.  It is good for your health.  I hope you will take up exercise and also continue to masturbate frequently.

3) Identify things that you can think about that will bring on an erection.  There is nothing wrong with touching a little to help it out.

4) Masturbating face down is a cause of sexual problems in males.  I highly recommend against prone masturbation.  See to learn about the dangers of masturbating face down.

5) Semen will turn yellow inside you if it gets too old.  Most younger males masturbate daily.  Doing so will practically guarantee whitish semen.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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QUESTION: 1) thanks Doug I'll check it out

2)thanks it's good to know but if I wanted to clear my head is it wrong to go without I mean what kind of side effects could I see if I didn't masturbate for say 6 months I have done it for a month without side effect

3)I think that could be my problem I'm think of say being in the place of the male pornstar in the video I'm watching and then I worry when it doesn't become hard that's one reason why I want to stop learn how my body reacts to things

4)I check this out but my question wasn't relating to masturbate it's more like sex practice on my side I'm never face down when I'm rotating my hips, also the problems with prone masturbation can they be overcome

5)so since I'm 27 and only masturbating once a week max then the yellow/green is to be expected

6) out of curiosity how often can a person my age masturbate without it becoming a health risk


ANSWER: 2) I don't think you could go 6 months without masturbating so don't even try.  If you really did quit masturbating, you could mess up your prostate.  The prostate works best with frequent ejaculation.

3)  You can give up porn or cut back on its usage without quitting masturbation.  Try using only nude photos like Playboy instead of porn movies.

4)  Yes, most males can give up prone masturbation within a week or so, and within a few months their erections will improve.

5)  Yellow is normal for that frequency.

6)  Most younger males who are not sexually active masturbate daily.  Dr. Graham Giles, authority on prostate cancer, recommends that younger males masturbate at least six times weekly.  Many men masturbate/ejaculate more than that without it becoming a problem.

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Thanks for the help last few questions

1) are you saying my prostate could be messed up because I don't masturbate enough this could be a problem with me working full time

2) so is it bad not to masturbate at less weekly, I think what I want to know is how long I till you would need the release as I have gone a mouth without in the past I know there's a line before it's too much

3) I think I stick to pics and softcore in the meantime do you think that's wise baby steps

4) I think I use my bed for sleep please explain what prone masturbation us just so I'm sure

5)this wouldn't be aligned to fertility at all

6) I'm guess if I do masturbate 2-3 times a week that should be enough considering I do sat stuff I should like sweets and cakes though I'm working on it as well and I'm sure fitness plays a role

1) I don't know what working full time has to do with it.  Most younger males masturbate daily no matter how busy they are.  Masturbation is good exercise for your prostate gland.

2)  I have already answered this.  Most younger males masturbate daily.  Dr. Giles recommends at least six times a week.

3)  Yes.

4)  Prone masturbation means to lie face down and masturbate by thrusting your penis into or against something, like the bed or pillow.

5)  No.

6)  Yes, that is a good plan.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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