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Male Masturbation/what happens when you cheat (prone)


Hi, I used to masturbate prone. I usually masturbate by hand now and i have no problem masturbating by hand. At first I could not masturbate by hand but now I can with no problem. But occasionally I still masturbate prone, is that really bad?

Masturbation is a lot of fun, and good for you, but it should only be done by hand.  If you do it prone, you can cause serious sexual dysfunctions like erectile dysfunction and delayed ejaculation.  You can learn more at

To get over prone masturbation, a male needs to give it up and switch to masturbating by hand.  Once he's learned to masturbate by hand, he needs to stay away from prone forever.  Doing prone even occasionally (once a month) can put the progress he's making through hand masturbation at risk.

You will find you're making progress faster if you never do prone again.

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