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Dear sir, Am aged 40 now.
@ age of 11, I unknowingly found pleasure in rubbing my penis on the bed. So when my family was not around, lying face down, I rubbed my penis by the side of bed and urinate. That made me a natural masturbator without training by any porn matter.
@ 14, when I leaked semen, I learnt that I have been doing masturbation.
@ 18, in college hostel, i came to know that i had the longest penis among my friends and also it often became a rock pole on erection whenever i get any sex topic on ears r eyes. I was confident and i went for fitness trainings @ Gym & weekend was holiday for my exercises and i masturbated on that day. The vigour of sex during masturbation was good and my penis used to stay a rock for long time and it took nearly 20-30 minutes to ejaculate in a session. I don't rub the penis in hand, but I lie face down on bed, close my eyes and imagining some sex topic r pic r story, I slowly move my hip parallel to bed, so that my penis is softly pressed parallel to bed and rubbed on the bed & ejaculate in loads.
When I was 25, I often got depressed with my job and I got severe ulcer which till now is not yet fully cured. I started to take Ranitidine tablets daily after lunch and sometimes twice a day. Since i was depressed, I stopped all my fitness practices and as my free time increased, my masturbation too increased. It became daily and ultimately to thrice a day. I nearly became an addict that during day time, i started to lie face down inside on toilet floor and do masturbation. In order to finish my masturbation in a hurry, i tried to ejaculate quickly. As my masturbation depended on my sexual thoughts within closed eyes, My brain helped me to tune me to rapid masturbation sessions. Habitually, after 4 years, my duration for ejaculation in a masturbation session permanently went down and I ended up ejaculating within a minute, thrice daily from the initial 30 minutes sessions once on weekend. My brain was too fast to stimulate ejaculation.
As I was raised in a conservative family, I didnít go for sexual dates and managed with masturbation alone. I was married as a male virgin @ 28 and i couldnt stop masturbation even for a week before marriage. After marriage, i faced a critical problem that I needed my brain to activate my sexual session, inspite of my body ready for it and while penetrating vagina, some mental tension built up. My penis was erect, but not like a rock pole as in teen age and it was tough to penetrate into the vagina. I need to take my penis in hand and push it inside the vagina. Once inside the vagina within a single stroke, my brian as usual instantly stimulated ejaculation. This started happening daily. I was excellent in foreplay with lots of bed games, then came the penetration where I always needed my hand to push inside, else the cock slowly started to shrink on the contact with vagina. Sometimes I even ejaculated instantly when my cock tip touched the vagina lips. I couldnít control for more than few seconds inside the vagina, while I can manage even for 15-20 minutes on foreplay. Even when I reduced the foreplay to few minutes and tried to enter, at that stage too, I ejaculated when my penis was just entering the vagina.
The situation didnít change for 3 months, and my wife moved for divorce and I too granted her @ age pf 30.
I have attractive masculine appearance, so I get too much female attraction all times. But i curtail my dates without any bed sessions. Few times when i tried for sex, the same premature ejaculation repeated, even once when my GF got hold of my penis in her hand, I shot my load and she never ever turned for me since that day.
Till date I only masturbate and never ever go for sex. Now I find that my brain mechanically tune a thirst for masturbation even when my penis is not getting erect. I desperately lie on bed to get my penis semi erect and shoot my load within few seconds else my brain makes high tension and i cant concentrate of other works.
My doubts are what is the reason for the change in my sex metabolism from highly active sex person to premature ejaculation.
Whether it is due to side effect of Ranitidine? Or due to addiction to masturbation? Or wrong method of masturbation? How can i get control of my masturbations, in particular to extend my ejaculation time? How can I become a good sexual player in future to satisfy a woman with atleast few minutes after penetration?
I always didnít care for this subject till now. So am pathetically here @ 40 asking this question. Pls Help me to rejunavate my sexual life.

I don't know anything about Ranitidine, so I don't have anything to say about that.

Prone masturbation (lying face down as you describe and thrusting your penis against your bed) has been bad for your sexual life.  It is not too late to change to regular hand masturbation.  Please see here for instructions:

After you switch, you will find your erections getting better.  

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