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QUESTION: My friend and I are trying to see how long we can go without masturbating, my friend hasn't ejaculated in over a months time while I haven't in nearly 4 weeks.

a) If my friend hasn't masturbated in a month will there be a lot of stuff coming out?
b) If I haven't masturbated in 4 weeks will I have a lot of stuff coming out?

ANSWER: You don't say how old you are, but most males past puberty have trouble going over a week without ejaculating.  How do you know for sure that your friend hasn't masturbated in months?  Yes, if you really have gone that long without ejaculating, you should expect your first ejaculation after that amount of time to be especially copious.

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QUESTION: I'm 31 years old and my friend is about 28 years old. My friend has been keeping a tally of the days and he says that he read online that drinking water increases sperm fluidity. But he's also noticing his penis is getting harder the longer he goes without ejaculating.

I've also read online that drinking water, eating pineapple, dark chocolate, goji berries, celery, asparagus, will really increase the amount of stuff that gets ejaculated. Is this a proven fact?.

My friend also is wondering if there are any ill effects if you eat your own ejaculation?

Drinking water will not increase semen fluidity.  More water in your body will make more water available for semen production; but unless you are dehydrated, it will not make a difference.  

I have never heard that those other things will increase ejaculate.  For most males, the volume of ejaculate is not a problem.

It is perfectly fine to eat your own semen.  Eating someone else's is unsafe sex.  11 percent of males regularly eat their own semen, and more than half have done so at least once.

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