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I have as which makes my life very stressful and masturbating helped but recently I noticed that I'm having a hard time getting an erection when not looking at hardcore porn. Does this mean I'm addicted and won't be able to have sex if yes is it possible it seems I'm unable to get the same reaction any other way even looking at real topless girls. Due to my as I feel different and I have come to terms with it but I would like to have as normal a relationship as possible. While I did rub my penis against the group I stopped but what I do is roll my hips and my penis only rubs on my boxers and or pj bottoms is this still prone masturbating could it be that I'm just broken

ANSWER: By as do you mean Asperger's syndrome?  I'm not an expert on that syndrome, but males with Asperger's masturbate about the same as males without it.  These days, most males also use porn, or visual aids.  It is not unusual for a male who is accustomed to visual aids to use it every time.  I think it is a good thing if you can masturbate to orgasm at least once or twice a month without using any visual aids.  It does not necessarily mean that you have an addiction if you cannot.

It is better if you don't rub your penis against anything in order to masturbate but instead stroke your hand up and down your penis.  That is how nearly all males masturbate.  To learn more about prone masturbation and the sexual troubles it can cause, please see

You are not broken.  

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QUESTION: Yes i did mean Aspergers syndrome

I know it's health to do but is there any trouble if I decided to distance myself from hardcore porn and masterbauting I know a lot of people can have wet dreams if they don't I think what am I wonder what are the cons if I stepped away and didn't masterbaute for a while

If I rotate my hips in my sleep could this still be classed as prone masterbaution even if my dick is never trapped and there is that much friction

It's fine if you want to give up porn.  I think you will still masturbate frequently.  I doubt you would suddenly start having wet dreams even if you managed to greatly cut back on your masturbating frequency.  

It is not a problem if you rotate your hips in your sleep sometimes.

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