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QUESTION: Is there a healthy time with respect to eating considering it some king of exercise,at midnight before sleep(empty stomach). And what to eat or drink after doing it. Is it normal to see porn movies for like and hour and then masturbating because majority of the time penis is erect (not fully )also does it have relation with acne reduction or aggravation.

ANSWER: Any time of day is good.  About half of masturbation takes place at bedtime because it leads so naturally to sleep.  It doesn't matter what shape your stomach's in.  There is no reason to eat or drink anything special before or after masturbating.  It is OK to watch movies, but most males watch them for less than an hour before masturbating.  Masturbating will not make acne worse or better.

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QUESTION: respected sir,
"It is OK to watch movies, but most males watch them for less than an hour before masturbating" can you specify what is the right thing to do........and i seem to masturbate(up and down movement) for like only a minute and half.......what to do for that...

ANSWER: It is OK if you only masturbate for a minute and a half; but keep in mind, most males make their sessions last 5-10 minutes so they can enjoy them longer.  Most males watch porn only long enough to get aroused and then get to masturbating.  So I think the average time viewing a porn movie is about 8-10 minutes and not the hour that you report.

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QUESTION: how can i make my session longer to 5-10 minutes.

Stretch it out little by little.  If you are taking 3 minutes, work on 2:10, then 2:20, 2:30, and so on.  As you get better at it, you will enjoy making it take longer on its own and have less need to actively stretch it out for another ten seconds or so.  Practice makes perfect!

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