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QUESTION: I am surya from india..And my age is 24.i used to masturbation from the age 19 During the beginning stage I used to do for twice a day..about last two years I have masturbation twice a week.My weight is 89kg and my height is 5'11inch.i used to egg daily and apple ,pomegranate,bananas daily..if this above mentioned factor will affect my sex life..I am going to get married in three months

ANSWER: Most males your age who are not sexually active masturbate more often than you do.  More likely 5-7 times a week.  If you are getting married in three months, there is no reason to make a major change now.  Just masturbate as often as you enjoy it.  Everything you said sounds good for your sex life, in moderation.

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QUESTION: Thanks for your replay sir.And sorry for the another question.what are the ways to stop  premature ejlection during the sex life and what are the foods need to eat for stopping the previous ejlection

If you've never had sex before, then you don't need to worry about premature ejaculation yet.  Don't assume that you will have PE.  Most men don't.  I don't know what role eating particular foods or not eating them has to do with any of this.  Eat healthy foods and be healthy.

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