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I am a 20 y.o male.

Yesterday, when I was masturbating, I was very horny, I had a rock hard erection and a great fantasy in my mind. However, just when I could feel the cum starting to come to the surface, and I could feel the orgasm coming close, my erection started to go and my dick went flat.

This often happens that I can't maintain a full erection when pleasuring myself.

Is it normal? What can I do to maintain a better, stronger erection?


ANSWER: You don't need an erection to masturbate.  You can keep enjoying yourself even if you lose part of your erection.  I suspect if you keep on instead of stopping, you will be training yourself to respond and the erection problem will not persist.  

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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QUESTION: Yes, but if i carry on masturbating without an erection, will i be training my penis to do it's sexual job without being erect. That could mean that when it comes to intercourse, i may go flat before we're done.

It is better if you're erect than not, for sure.  Is this an ongoing problem or something that's happened only a few times?  If it's a continuing problem, then you might see your doctor, who could order some hormonal tests and other blood work to see if you have a medical condition.

Using visual aids often helps males keep their erections longer.

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