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I am now 20, but since the age of 11 when I first discovered masturbation, I always would wank lying down on my bed (not prone) until a few weeks ago, when I wanked in a kneeling position. I find that in kneeling, the orgasm is stronger, the whole experience is better and I can thrust, imagining i;m on top of a girl.

I just wanted to check:
a. is it safe to wank in a kneeling position?
b. how often should I do so?
c. do many men do this?


Yes, it is safe to masturbate while kneeling.  By immobilizing the legs, males find that the orgasm is more intense.  You may masturbate as often as you want, kneeling or otherwise, but I think most males who masturbate while kneeling do it as an occasional variation rather than a regular way of masturbating.  I don't know what percent of men masturbate while kneeling.

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