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Male Masturbation/I'm a guy and I dreamed that I fingered myself?!?


I'm a healthy, 17 year old high school junior who has never thought about any romantic relationships with guys before, nor do I act like a girl. I swear I'm a straight guy, and I frequently masturbate, but it is just the dream I had had this morning that seriously worries me... In the dream, there were these monsters who looked like beautiful women with nice bodies, but then killed you during sex and ate you. I know, what a ****** up dream. But at first I was just a bystander, and seeing such a nice body, naturally, I was on my way to go... well, you know, have a good time with a fucking monster who I knew was going to eat me. So when I go there (I just woke up by the way, that's why I still remember so much), I tried to finger the girl/monster, and was doing it for a while, until I started feeling that I had a vagina and that I was fingering my own pussy! It actually felt good, and I came in real life during the process, but that's the whole reason as to why I'm afraid of that maybe I'm... you know... But considering the fact that I know it's impossible, cause I love girls btw, and knowing that I'm super heterosexual, I can't be.

Still, why did I have this kind of dream... is it even possible?

Congratulations on having a nice wet dream!  Somehow the public has the idea that dreams have to mean something.  But most are just random snippets of fluttering brain waves.  People have some pretty strange dreams, and yours involved people-eating monsters.  I'm not into dream analysis so I won't impute any false motives to your dream.  

I think the important thing is that in the dream you had a good time and even ejaculated for real.  Most of the guys I hear from wish they could have wet dreams like yours.  And many, many males have expressed a desire to understand what sex feels like for a female.  So I don't see anything out of the ordinary.

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