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Hi doctor i am almost 18 years old i have been masturbating for years and i believe that it is natural and have no side affects but the thing is that when i masturbate once or twice a week i feel no weakness or laziness but if i do it every day for three days or more i will start to feel week and lazy and i will get thinner so what is the reason and how to avoid this Symptoms because there is times like summer or before exams that i need to relax by masturbating three or four times a week .

Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  It does not cause weight loss.  Maybe you're feeling lazier because you have more free time in those weeks that you're masturbating more.  Most males your age masturbate about once a day, sometimes more.  

Please read this page to learn more about the health benefits of frequent masturbation:

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