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Hi. I am 21 years old and I must say - I LOVE JACKING OFF. I try to do it as much as I can. I'm still trying to find a day where I spend my whole day walking around my house naked and just jacking off all day, but that can't happen since I still live at a home and in college.

Though I enjoying jacking off, I feel like I'm still missing out on something and I would like to know if you could assist me. I have used Vaseline to use in my jerk sessions, but that is all. I've done the whole massaging the the head on my dick in a circular motion and things like that, but is there more?

I've heard that men have a G-Spot. Is that true? If so, can you give me directions in how to stimulate it? I hear it can make your orgasm mind blowing.

Another issue i have is jacking off in the shower. I have obviously done it seeing as how I'm been jacking off since I was 11. Though I have jacked off in shower, I have never really enjoyed it. I just do it to get my daily nut off. What ways are there to ensure I enjoy it more and how to keep a hard on?

Also, I find myself sometimes tasting my cum. Is that ok as well to eat it if I get the urge? Will it do me harm?

Thank you.

Glad to hear you enjoy frequent masturbation, which is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  This page is full of suggestions for variety in your masturbation sessions:  Give it a try and see what you like, and then explore the rest of the site for more ideas.

The male G spot is on the underside of the penis.  Most males try to stimulate it extra at the point of orgasm to intensify and prolong their orgasms.

If you don't enjoy shower masturbation, why do it?  Most males prefer to masturbate in bed or at the computer.

About half of males have eaten their semen at least once and 11 percent do it as their regular way of cleaning up.  It will not hurt you at all.

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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