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I'm a 18 y.o guy

Until recently, I would only ever masturbate 4 times a week at the most 5. But for about two weeks, my  penis has been bringing me a lot more pleasure, I'm masturbating at least twice daily and I have a  lot more full on and detailed fantasies and much more lust and longing for women. I don't know why this is only happening now at 19? Could it be that I'm a late developper in the siexual dept? Also is the increased use of ny penis harmful?

ANSWER: Most men your age masturbate about once a day.  It's normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  Masturbating twice a day is a high frequency, but that doesn't mean there's anything wrong with it.  If you've only been doing it the past two weeks, maybe you've just had more time on your hands than usual.  I suspect you will not keep up this frequency for long.  Enjoy it while you're feeling like this!  It will not harm your penis.

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QUESTION: Sorry, it should say 2 months not weeks. I feel like my sex drive has drive has hugely gone up. For example, before I would look at a hot woman and just think, she's nice, but now I look at a hot woman and just think of how I want to rip her clothes off and have 'fun' with her. It's strange as all the other parts of puberty have developed, I have a lot of body and facial hair, my voice broke a long time ago etc etc.

Have you ever encountered anyone with very late sexual develpment? what advice can you.give to me?

I don't think there's anything wrong with you.  I don't think there was anything wrong with you two months ago either.  If you're happy with how you're doing, then there's no reason to try to do anything differently.  Just enjoy the new feelings.  Not everything that happens in adolescence happens in a six month window at the time of puberty.

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