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I'm having a lot of trouble getting an erection at my age and I'm only 17, I've had many sexual encounters and have not been able to do anything because of this problem of not getting hard enough, I tried to find the source of the problem, like maybe I got anxiety, or not enough testosterone, but everything else seems to be fine,I'm somewhat healthy, I did find something about prone masterbation and realize that I might have traumatic masterbatory syndrome or tms for short, I've been masterbating in prone position for I'm guessing years now, I've read that it can cause ED and now I'm sh*tting bricks, I've stopped since I seen the post on healthystrokes website but I'm worried that I might of caused damage, I can't seem to keep an erection at all and I don't get morning wood, or when I do it's really weak and flaccid, I do drink alcohol a lot honestly and I have a healthy eating habits most of the time. With that all said I have 3 questions in mind:
1)Will my erections go back to normal, or have I already messed up my life?
2)If it's possible to go back to my normal, hard, firm erections how do i do so?
3) should I stop masterbating completely?

Obviously you've learned that prone masturbation is a cause of sexual dysfunction and needs to go.  Please work at replacing it with healthy masturbation by hand.  Switching to regular masturbation will carry you a long way.

However, I'm not sure how you've ruled out anxiety or low testosterone as causes of the problem.  Have you been tested by a doctor?

1)  Most males notice an improvement in their erections about three months after giving up prone.

2)  Give up prone forever and then follow the instructions on for switching to masturbation by hand.

3)  No.  Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  You couldn't stop if you wanted to.

But you should give up drinking or cut down on it.  Heavy alcohol use is also bad for erections and sexual function.

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