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Hi. I always masturbate with my right hand. Is it a good idea to swap hands every once in a while? Or is it best to stick with the sane hand so it's enjoyable?
Also, I never masturbate with lube. Is that ok or can it cause problems?

It is OK if you only use one hand.  Most men (and women) do the same.  You're better off if you can switch, because then you have a source of variety.  See here:  

If your penis is not getting injured/sore/chafed, there is no problem with not using lube.  But I think you would enjoy water-based lube greatly.  Don't try only one brand.  Many men have made that mistake, trying, for example, a jelly lube and finding it too goopy to work.  These same men have found great pleasure with a liquid water-based lube.  More here:

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