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Hi my name is Jake. And I have a question about masturbation. I know it's normal to find a girl attractive and yes I like girls like most guys do. But for me I know this might be kind of personal but, Why do I find girl's attractive when they win at life? I know this is a stupid question but what I mean is when a girl get's the better of me. Like video games and board games and maybe even a sport but mainly I like girls walking up the stairs and running a race.

Sorry I wrote a lot and sorry that this question is stupid and hard to anwser. But I just want to know why I find girls attractive when they win at stuff?  

Thanks, Jake

Lots of males like a woman better when she is successful.  It is even stronger among females for males.  People who are successful just seem to be more attractive.  Maybe you are more likely to notice a woman when she is successful.  In any case, what you think about when you masturbate is entirely up to you.  

Feel free to ask me more questions!

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