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I have a bit of a problem

When masturbating, when I stroke up my shaft, the skin from my pubic triangle also pulls up, it makes my penis look and pubic area like it's webbed together and it looks my pebis has a triangle base. If you don't understand, I can send you a picture on a private email.

Could it be that I have too much skin around my special area (im only 20 by the way)? Or is this the norm in men? I'm worried that when it comes to sex this rising skin will make ot difficult for the condom to stay on.

The penile skin is not a separate organ but is connected to the skin that surrounds it, including the mons pubis above the penis.  If you pull on the penis (something very popular in males past puberty), the attached skin will also be pulled.  There is nothing wrong with this at all.   

A condom clings snugly to the penis and is not affected by how the skin on your mons pubis moves.  (By the way, in females, the same area is called the mons veneris.)

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