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So I had given up prone masterbation & I started to know a big difference in my erections like I could get them anytime I wanted, I was really happy and started to think I was cured, I started masterbaiting the right way but I was dry tipping or not using lube and I started making myself ejaculate and just got used to doing it that way now. I am currently masterbaiting without using lube and I realize I have a really tight grip and I hard pull and tug & now im having problems getting erections again and I'm really sad like it's depressing. Do you think it's my new way of masterbaiting or something else? Please help I'm only 17 years old  

Ps. Sorry this message is kind of disorganized I'm just like really upset about this again & I can't even think straight

You are pretty young and ought to be able to switch without much trouble.  But it takes a few months of giving up prone masturbation to notice a difference in your erections.  Please relax and enjoy regular masturbation and don't go back to prone.  Don't be discouraged if you don't notice an improvement right away.  You will soon.   Don't use such a hard grip either.  Once you've been masturbating conventionally for a few weeks, it would be a good time to try a water-based lube.  See here to learn more about lubes:

To learn more about prone masturbation and how to overcome it, see

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