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QUESTION: I am 19 years old. How long should I masturbate? I mean how much time should i spend on per masturbate?

ANSWER: Most males your age masturbate to orgasm in about 10 minutes, sometimes less.  It can take twice that and still be OK.  If you're taking 20 minutes or more frequently, you might want to take a 24-hour break.   Some guys finish in 2-5 minutes.  That's OK too.  It's all about what you like.

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QUESTION: So if the man eats his own or other cum, is it effect his own health?

ANSWER: Eating his own semen will not cause any problems.  Eating someone else's is unsafe sex.

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QUESTION: I use baby oil when i masturbate. Is it ok?

Yes, fine.  Most males your age prefer to use a water-based lube.  Baby oil is oil-based.  I would suggest trying a variety of lubes and seeing what you like best.  Please see here to learn more about the different brands and types of lubes:

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