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QUESTION: I would like to know if BabyOil is good for jacking off. I've never used and I would like to know. Also what other lubricants are available for hacking off that I could purchase a store like CVS?

ANSWER: Males who have never used lube before often start with baby oil or something like it.  Baby oil will cause no harm.  CVS is well stocked with lubricants, including some store brands.  To learn more about the different kinds and brands of lube, please see

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QUESTION: Well I'm 21 so I've been jacking off for quite a while. I normally use Vaseline, but I want to try something different. What about the gel form of BabyOil?

ANSWER: I suggest a water-based lube.  You would like Astroglide or K-Y in either their gel or liquid forms.  If cost is an issue, you can get Warm Touch lube at Dollar Tree for $1 or Lubrigel at Walmart for even less.  To learn more about these lubes, see

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QUESTION: Is the Astroglide better than K-Y? Based on some quick research, K-Y is hard to clean of the penis.

They are about the same.  I am surprised that someone says K-Y is harder to clean off.  Certainly K-Y Liquid and Astroglide liquid are about the same.  It might be that K-Y Jelly is harder to clean off that Astroglide gel, but I don't know.  Of the four, Astroglide gel is probably the cheapest anyway.

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