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Male Masturbation/problem of masturbate


QUESTION: I worried that is the degree of my eraction abnormal.. Cause porn star penis eract is almost stick with their stomach. And my penis just couldn' reach that point

ANSWER: Don't worry about that.  Not everyone erects to the same angle.  Age has something to do with it, but if you can erect so that your penis is higher than straight away from your body, I don't think you have a problem.  Only a doctor can say for sure, but if it points and shoots, it's better than any camera.

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QUESTION: When I masturbate with watching porn,I'll cum in a minute.. But if I masturbate without porn I can he lasting for 10 minutes. Will it affect my sex life in future??

10 minutes is a pretty good time to last.  Why don't you do it without porn more often and work on developing your imagination.  Most guys like to masturbate for a few minutes before ejaculating.  One minute is not much time to start to enjoy it even.  There is more to like about masturbating than mere ejaculation.

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