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QUESTION: Every time I've ejaculated its been in the prone position, my penis has pressure on it and is tight when this happens, its said this sends semen into the urinary bladder, which it has for me, and also said that the force can damage blood vessel & nerves in the penis, is there anyway to cure/heal damage done to the nerves and blood vessels? is it permanent?

ANSWER: You have two problems.  First, you're masturbating prone.  Prone masturbation means to lie face down and thrust the penis into or against something.  This is a cause of sexual dysfunctions.  Masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, but it should never be done in the prone position.  

Second, you are experiencing retrograde ejaculation.  You are preventing your semen from being ejaculated from your penis so that it is sometimes going backward into your bladder.

I suggest you decide to give up prone forever.  Please follow the instructions at and you can be masturbating the usual way and ejaculating properly at this time next week.

Both of these things are easily fixable, so go for it!

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QUESTION: Thank you so much for your response, you've given me some hope! However on it said that pressure put on the penis or gripping it tightly, that this force can damage blood vessels and nerves in the penis.

Please tell me this isn't permanent? How do I even know what nerves or blood vessels have been damaged? and if so can I heal them? And how would I do so?, I'm 18 at the moment.

Thank you

ANSWER: I don't know that it's permanent.  If you're not suffering any ill effects, you'll probably be fine.  I have helped thousands of men overcome their prone masturbation, and I've never known any of them to have been diagnosed with physical damage.  You can get over it.  You will be fine.

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QUESTION: Thank you again for the reply, but what I mean is how would one know if blood vessels or nerves have been damaged due to prone masturbation?, which the author on said could happen, what are the physical symptoms? Or is it just that the penis will automatically heal itself when returning to conventionally method of masturbation and there's no harm done?

You have two problems: Prone masturbation and using force to stop the flow of semen.  Simply give up prone masturbation and learn to masturbate conventionally and prone masturbation will cease to be a problem.  If you stop using force to stop the flow of semen, that will also cease to be a problem.  There is no way to find out about nerve and blood vessel damage without checking, and there is no reason to check if you're not having symptoms.  So give up prone and forcefully stopping the flow of semen, and your problems should all go away within a few months.

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