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QUESTION: Hi I'm 20 and since the age of 11 I've loved wanking and I do it most days.

I read that men can vary their masturbation and better it by playing with the balls whilst wanking, I tried this and didn't find it did anything for me, but I don't know if I was doing it right. All I did was rub and hold my balls with my left hand whilst my right hand was pumping my shaft. What can I do with my balls to make it more enjoyable?

Also your site is great and was a great help to me during my teenage years. All young men should see and use your site on their journey to becoming sexually active men.


ANSWER: Instead of rubbing them, use your other hand to lightly touch your scrotal skin.  The underside is especially sensitive.  Not all men enjoy this, but it is certainly worth a try.  Far more men enjoy the feeling of masturbating with lube.  If you haven't tried different lubes, now is a good time.  See here: and here:

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Thanks for the answer

Since your answer I've been  lightly touching the underside of my balls before and gently touching the back side if my dick before wanking  and it's made my dick go harder which is good as I was often finding before that I didn't always have a full erection when wanking. And with touching my balls and taking time to explore and enjoy my dick before I feel more aroused and it gives me a more enjoyable time! So thanks dr Doug for the advice

Thanks for the variation tips. I had a wank infrint of the mirror and also another time on my bed but during the day rather than at night.

Also I have a difficult problem. I have a beautiful girlfriend and when we hold hands or hug or kiss or walk arm in arm in public I get an erection. What can I do to stop my erection in public?

Erections are good.  Erections are always good.  They shouldn't be wished away.  Just wear heavier pants so that you know no one can see your erection.  They are easy to hide if you keep them pointing straight up and your pants have a heavy seam up the front, like where the fly is.  Avoid nylon pants.

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