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I'm not sure if you can help me with this or not but I will ask. I have a son that has MS. He has limited arm and hand control. He does have a nurse but sometimes I do have to bath him based on when the nurse can come over. Although he does have MS, he still is a boy and has hormones. He does get erect sometimes during the bath, which is common I'm sure. I am almost positive her cannot relieve himself in that way, so my question is ..... do you know a product that he could use to help him with this, relieving himself? Something that works with people with limited arm control.

Thank you so much for your time."

I think you should discuss it with him before you start ordering products to help him.  In order to discuss it with him, it will help if you can use the word masturbate.  I think you have a problem with that word because you didn't even use it to ask me how you could help your son masturbate.  I think you should start by telling him that masturbation is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health; and that all males will be masturbating before they are adults.

If has any use of his arms at all and he's past puberty, I think it's pretty likely he's tried masturbating.  

Since you know his abilities better than I do, I suggest you read this document about adapting readily available sex toys for the disabled:

Finally, is it an option for his nurse to stimulate him sexually?  If she could put a masturbation sleeve like the Super Head Honcho over his erection, she could stroke him by touching only the sleeve and not his penis.

The Super Head Honcho and most of the toys discussed in that document are available at and

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