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I've noticed lately that my masturbation sessions have become less frequent as time goes on but I'm still in good physical health and somewhat young, I'm 32 now,. What's been happening recently is that I'll have one strong masturbation session and it'll often be a powerful enough session that it causes me to remember it for a long time afterwards, but after having had a mind-blowingly powerful masturbation session, I can now go a week sometimes even more without having the urge to masturbate and it didn't use to be this way. My questions are; 1) Is the number of times I masturbate below average for a guy my age? 2) Could it be both hormones and low testosterone or maybe just a plain lack of interest?

At 32, a male who is not sexually active typically masturbates around five times per week.  That is only down slightly from the average of seven up to age 24.  Masturbation is good for you.  Males who masturbate frequently are less likely to have sexual troubles.  There is even evidence that frequent masturbation prevents prostate cancer.  

Most men would rather have frequent average orgasms than abstain for most of a week in order to have one superior orgasm.  I would urge you to masturbate more often and spend less time remembering past orgasms.  

Only a doctor can tell you what your testosterone and other hormone levels are.  If you think you're having testosterone issues, go get tested.

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