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I read a recent question of yours on the site in which a mother has to deal with the problem of masturbating her son who has multiple sclerosis. I have the same problem with my 19 year old stepson. Unlike the other mother since the death of my husband I have to take care of my step son all by myself. My son has limited arm movement but he also has ataxia that is problems in maintaining balance. As a result with his consent he wears wrist and other restraints just to remind him to not get up from his wheelchair or to move around.
When I am bathing him or cleaning him he gets a painful erection. I have always ignored it but recently managed to find the courage to talk to him about it. He eventually did ask me to help him masturbate. I do want to help him but at the same time I am afraid that doing this is somehow morally wrong or will change our relationship in fundamental ways. But when I see him in pain and discomfort I feel that if I just do this it will bring some relief to him and help him fight his condition better. What would you advise me to do?

I told that mother to see if any of the products from this catalog could be adapted to her son.  The same might work for you.

If stimulating him to orgasm is a problem for you, then it is a problem.  Would you have less of a problem if you could stimulate him through a heavy sleeve?  A product called the Super Head Honcho might be of use.  They cost about $15 US on and other sites.  You simply lubricate the penis (I suppose you could also lubricate the inside of the sleeve) and then move the sleeve down and up the penis.  The hand is not directly touching the penis during this stroking.

If you still hesitate, then could someone else be found to perform this task once a week or more?  

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