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Male Masturbation/Disappearing masturbation frequency?


One thing I couldn't help but notice is that my masturbation frequency is much lower than it use to be. I remember during my late childhood and throughout my teenage years being able and having the urge and desire to masturbate at least once a day if not more, but now that I'm much older(I just turned 33 on October 6th)I can only get one very good masturbation session and the next thing I know I can go for an entire week maybe a little longer without having the urge and desire to masturbate and sometimes I'll feel like I might be getting an urge to masturbate but a lot of times it just turns out to be a false alarm and having strong masturbation sessions are much more rare for me to have probably because I'm aging. My questions are; Now that I'm getting older will there come a time when my masturbation sessions will completely disappear from my life? Is there any way I can get my masturbation sessions to be stronger and more memorable? Is it impossible for an adult to enjoy masturbation as much as a person whose a lot younger than me?

Once a week is unusual for your age.  Most men your age masturbate several times a week, with many keeping up the once a day habit started at puberty.  33 is not so old.  You ought to be able to get interested in orgasm more often than you are.

Frequent masturbation is good for your health.  See here to learn more about the health benefits of frequent masturbation:

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