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QUESTION: Hello, is edging dangerous?. I cant see anything on Healthy Stokes about it???.

Thank you.

ANSWER: Edging is masturbating.  Masturbating is normal, healthy, and fun, and even necessary for male sexual health.  For best results, you should masturbate to orgasm.  That is what nearly all males do.  They masturbate so they can ejaculate.  Ejaculating is how you flush out your sexual organs and refresh your sexual fluids.

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QUESTION: Ok, but isn't edging different than just normal masturbating?. I heard its where you get close to orgasm, then slow down or stop, then start again & repeat several times to enhance your orgasm & before you ejaculate to make you ejaculate further etc???

It's different only that it doesn't end with an orgasm.  Your body likes it better if you masturbate to orgasm.  If you masturbate short of orgasm, you're taxing your prostate and not getting any benefits from it.  What you're doing won't help you ejaculate farther but it might result in more ejaculate.  That is a bad, not a good thing.

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